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Tax Planning

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Tax Planning

Do Not Pay More Taxes Than Necessary

Are you paying more taxes than you need to? Are you overlooking tax obligations that may lead to problems in the future? With the help of an experienced tax law attorney at Edgar Law Group in San Jose, you can find out for sure.

We will review your situation from every angle, calling on our 10-plus years of tax law experience to make certain nothing is overlooked. Through careful tax planning, our goal is to make certain that you are paying the right amount at the right time, possibly saving thousands in the process and minimizing the risk of tax audits.

When Is Tax Planning Appropriate?

There is more to smart tax planning than filing on time and claiming all applicable credits and deductions. Sometimes getting the best tax results requires proactive action. Anytime you encounter or foresee a tax issue or taxable event, you can benefit from tax planning.

For example, tax planning should occur when you:

  • Encounter new income, including everything from paychecks, royalties, dividends and other investment income, or damages from a personal injury lawsuit or other claim
  • Open a new account such as a foreign bank account
  • Form a business
  • Engage in a business transaction
  • Plan your estate
  • Conduct a real estate transaction
  • Give a large gift or charitable donation

There is no wrong time to engage in tax planning in California. Even if you do not foresee a tax issue or taxable event, you may benefit from having our lawyers review your portfolio.

What Is Tax Planning?

The practice of tax planning is as complex as taxation law itself. Tax planning can take many different forms. In fact, to be truly effective, a tax plan should be customized based on the individual or business and the situation at hand. This means taking full advantage of allowances, deductions, exemptions and more when preparing to file tax returns. It also may mean forming a business in a certain way, structuring a business or real estate transaction in certain way, or even reviewing how assets are held prior to filing bankruptcy.

Because we look at each case individually and provide careful, personal attention, we have a reputation for success in tax planning.

Step One: Free Consultation

Even if you are not certain you need to engage in tax planning, we encourage you to contact us to discuss the matter. The consultation is free and there is no obligation to retain our services. You may be surprised how much you may learn. Call 877-345-3591 or email today.

Your Case Begins With A Free Consultation

We are available to discuss your case for free in an initial consultation. During this consultation, we can discuss specifically what our team will do to move your case forward and meet your needs. Call 877-345-3591 or email today to schedule a meeting.

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