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Criminal Tax Investigations

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San Jose Law Firm Can Represent Individuals And Businesses Targeted In Criminal Tax Investigations

A criminal tax investigation is, naturally, a very serious legal crisis. A negative outcome for a defendant can mean jail time and large penalties. Early counsel and aggressive advocacy from an experienced tax law attorney is essential if you or your business is the target of a criminal tax investigation.

The best time to consult with a lawyer is before a criminal tax investigation is underway. Take actions now to avoid one by correcting any known tax problems that could lead to criminal charges.

If you have been contacted by an investigator or a special division agent of the IRS in California, get in touch with a tax law attorney at Edgar Law Group, LLP. Such agents may carry guns. They may invade homes and seize property such as laptops. They may obtain warrants from a district attorney (DA) before a targeted individual or business is aware of the impending actions.

Perhaps you or a loved one or business partner has been jailed after an IRS raid and search. Edgar Law Group, LLP, is available to take immediate, urgent and thorough action by reviewing documentation. We have sometimes discovered mistakes by the IRS that allowed past clients of our San Jose tax law firm to have their cases dismissed. If a trial is inevitable, we can go to work immediately preparing compelling arguments to have charges and penalties reduced.

Take Immediate Action If A Criminal Tax Investigation Is Pending Or Underway

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