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Accounting, Tax & Consulting Services: Edgar Law Group, LLP, In San Jose

To fully address legal issues, including real estate, business law, estate law, bankruptcy and tax law matters, often requires the assistance of an accountant and tax liability consulting services.

Projecting Tax Liability Of Alternative Courses Of Action As Part Of A Legal Case

A complete analysis of a case may need to allow for projections of tax consequences of alternative solutions to a legal problem. These projections, compiled by a tax consultant, help an attorney advise a client of the pros and cons of proposed courses of action. Detailed tax information allows a client to make informed decisions and make wise choices accordingly.

Edgar Law Group, LLP, offers clients of the firm the opportunity to have these key steps completed within the law firm. Our audit accountants’ hourly rate is significantly lower than our attorney’s hourly rates. At the same time, our lead attorney, Ronda Edgar, with a degree in accounting and a masters in tax law, is well-prepared to process tax audit information efficiently and incorporate analyses smoothly into legal cases in any of our practice areas.

Bookkeeping For Businesses | IRS Audit Ready

Our services also include bookkeeping for small to medium-sized businesses. We know what specific information the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would want in an audit, and with this knowledge, we can save clients time and money through streamlined services focusing on essential record and calculations.

Cost-Effective Services Provided In House At A Well-Established Tax Law Firm

Whether our accounting, tax and consulting services are for our own clients, for individuals not doing business with our law firm, for small businesses or for other law firms’ clients, our clients find value in work done under umbrella of a tax law firm, Edgar Law Group, LLP

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