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Tax Appeals

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Tax Appeals

Appealing The Results Of A Tax Audit

An audit was conducted and you were left with a tax bill that you do not agree with. Perhaps you believe the income calculation was inaccurate. Maybe there is a dispute over exemptions or deductions. Maybe there is a dispute over payroll or employee withholding. Whatever the case may be, you have the right to appeal the audit results.

Proceed with caution into the tax appeal process. The appeal may open up the door for further review by tax authorities. You could be audited again. Your tax bill could increase even more. Protect yourself by enlisting a tax law attorney who is experienced in the appellate process. At Edgar Law Group in San Jose, we have been representing California taxpayers in appeals for more than a decade, so you can be confident you are in good hands.

Prior To Pursuing An Appeal

The goal of an appeal is to reduce your tax bill. It is important to remember that time is money in these cases, because interest will continue to accrue while you pursue an appeal. For that reason, our lawyers first look for other methods of resolving the issue.

We are well-versed in working with, rather than against, tax authorities whenever appropriate. Before moving forward with an appeal, we will meet with the auditor or his or her supervisor in an attempt to negotiate a reduced bill or create a payment plan that works for you. We have achieved a great deal of success getting positive results through negotiation.

The Tax Appeal Process

The path your tax appeal follows will depend on the tax authority involved: the IRS or a state tax agency. We will determine the appropriate path. We will conduct all necessary research and gather any supplemental documentation that may be required.

Whether appealing your audit results to the IRS Appeals Office or the United States Tax Court, we will present a solid case designed to minimize your tax bill. While it is rare for individuals or businesses to have an appeal result in no tax debt whatsoever, it is possible. Our lawyers have an impressive record of reducing back taxes to levels our clients can manage.

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