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Delinquent Tax Returns

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There is a certain peace of mind that comes with having your tax affairs in order. Having a free and clear tax account can help you bring your business to the next level. But if you have one or more delinquent or unfilled tax returns, achieving tax compliance may seem like an impossible task without incurring substantial penalties and late charges. A skilled tax lawyer in San Jose can help you get the inside track on achieving tax compliance. As an experienced accountant and attorney, Ronda Edgar of Edgar Law Group, LLP knows the programs and procedures of the IRS and other government revenue agencies. She uses this knowledge to help her clients achieve tax compliance while minimizing their liability for penalties.

Practical tax problem help in the Bay Area

It may seem hard to believe but tax collection agencies, such as the IRS, are often highly pragmatic in their approach to their work. Their goals are to collect the most revenue with the least expense. Sometimes that means being open to negotiation or offering leeway to individuals and businesses that have been non-compliant in the past but are now trying to do the right thing. But taking full advantage of this leniency requires a thorough understanding of your personal or business tax situation, as well as the tax code and procedural rules of the collecting agency. San Jose tax lawyers deal with these agencies on a daily basis. They remain continuously apprised of the latest changes to the policies and procedures at the IRS, the California Franchise Tax Board and other collection bureaus.

As an experienced accountant and tax problem attorney in San Jose, Ronda Edgar has dealt with government revenue agencies. She also understands that her clients do not relish dealing with tax issues and want to resolve them as quickly and painlessly as possible. She uses her thorough knowledge of tax law to provide practical and innovative solutions for her clients so that they can get back to their lives or businesses.

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San Jose tax lawyer Ronda Edgar uses her advanced tax knowledge and accounting experience to help clients navigate taxation and debt issues in a practical manner. We are conveniently located in downtown San Jose and serve businesses and individuals throughout the Bay Area, including Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, Modesto and the surrounding areas. We offer flexible hours by appointment and free consultations. Call us today at 877-345-3591 or contact us online to discuss your case.

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