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Offshore Account Disclosure

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San Jose Tax Law Firm Helps With Offshore Account Disclosure

U.S. citizens and foreign individuals filing tax returns in the U.S. are expected to disclose income from offshore accounts or face negative consequences, including audits, penalties and possible criminal prosecution. The IRS instigated offshore voluntary disclosure programs in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2014. Private individuals and businesses in California wishing to take advantage of the disclosure program should work with a tax law attorney for best results.

Edgar Law Group, LLP, in San Jose, aims to help taxpayers disclose offshore account income with the least risk and greatest opportunity for avoiding sanctions. Tax law attorney Ronda Edgar, with a degree in accounting and a masters in tax law, is diligent and proactive on behalf of clients seeking resolution of nondisclosure problems.

Note: Do not wait until you have received a letter from the IRS about your offshore accounts to make your income disclosure. It is likely too late at that point to take advantage of the opportunities of the offshore disclosure program. Taking action voluntarily may mean, for example, that you will pay a five percent penalty versus a 27 percent penalty if the IRS notifies you before you step forward. The longer you wait to report, the higher the penalties will be, and the more likely it is that you could face criminal prosecution and jail time.

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