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Sales Tax

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For Businesses Accused Of Failing To Pay Proper Sales Tax

Edgar Law Group, LLP, is available to help businesses confront and solve sales tax problems, including accumulated underpayment of sales tax. Clients often approach our law firm after a state auditor has approached them, asking questions about sales tax submissions. We urge business owners in such cases to enlist our law firm without delay. Communicating directly with tax auditors, without the help of an attorney, is often a recipe for unnecessary trouble. Avoid sanctions and correct sales tax problems proactively with guidance and practical assistance from Edgar Law Group, LLP.

Is The State Asking Your Business For Additional Documentation To Support Sales Tax Quantities? Contact A Tax Law Attorney.

Audits sometimes come about because business revenues are down and state auditors question whether sales taxes are being collected and paid. Audits are also common for cash-only businesses, such as food trucks, and for businesses such as restaurants that often collect tips in cash. Edgar Law Group, LLP, can advise and represent businesses at any stage of a prospective audit or businesses interested in audit-readiness. Our sales tax clients may find themselves in one of the following situations. They:

  • Have been approached by a state auditor, without an audit yet underway
  • Have been notified of a pending audit
  • Are engaged in an audit
  • May be prime targets for audits but have not yet been contacted by state auditors
Before Or After A Tax Law Audit: Take Precautions And Be Ready For An Audit Anytime

California is very aggressive about assessing high penalties to businesses that underpay sales taxes. It pays to be proactive and audit-ready at all times. We offer specific recommendations on ways to prepare for a potential audit or confront an audit in the works. For example, businesses should not:

  • Make changes to the point-of-sale system
  • Delete information from cash registers

For additional advice specific to your particular situation, contact a California sales tax lawyer at Edgar Law Group, LLP, in San Jose.

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