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Wills And Trusts

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Create Personalized Wills And Trusts

An essential element of nearly every estate plan is a will. A correctly signed will is a legally binding set of directions outlining the prescribed dispersal of your assets after death. Through a will, the law gives you the power to make decisions now that will dictate the distribution of your estate when your life is over.

Most people choose to leave assets to family members and favorite causes. A well-designed will can ensure that your wishes will be carried out as written. Edgar Law Group, LLP, can help you draft and formalize a will that will stand up to any legal challenges. Your assets will go to your spouse, children, alma mater and/or charitable causes that are important to you.

If you are a business owner, your business succession plan and your will can reinforce each other.

Trusts Can Streamline The Transfer Of Assets To The Next Generation

Many new clients of Edgar Law Group, LLP, tell us they want to help their families “avoid probate” by establishing trusts. Indeed, various kinds of trusts can help ensure a smooth transfer of bank accounts, real estate and personal property to designated recipients such as immediate family members. A special needs trust can provide for a disabled adult child (for example) while preserving his or her ability to continue to draw on appropriate government assistance.

Edgar Law Group, LLP, can help you incorporate trusts into your will or create trusts to complement provisions of your will. Depending on your goals for transfer of wealth after your death, you may elect to create a trust such as a:

  • Revocable trust
  • Special needs trust
  • Generation-skipping trust

Edgar Law Group, LLP, can assist with all aspects and phases of creation and implementation of trusts, including:

  • Drafting
  • Signing
  • Assigning assets to trusts
  • Guiding trustees through practical steps involved in the transfer of assets after death

Consult With A San Jose Estate Planning Attorney With Extensive Tax Law Knowledge

Avoiding taxes is not always as necessary as it used to be in connection with transfer of assets after a death in the family. However, it is still an issue for many people. Attorney Ronda Edgar of Edgar Law Group, LLP, has ample information and experience in the area of tax law matters. For clients with large estates or clients who own businesses, creating wills and trusts with the help of a tax law attorney who is also an estate planning lawyer can be an advantage.

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