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Guardianships And Powers Of Attorney

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Guardianships And Powers Of Attorney

Helping Your Loved Ones Avoid Pressure And Uncertainty

Not all estate planning concerns the distribution of your property after death. A good estate plan has many components. Among these are powers of attorney – documents that allow a trusted loved one to assume legal authority to manage your affairs should you become incapable of doing so yourself. At Edgar Law Group, LLP, we help Californians from all walks of life plan for the unexpected. As a San Jose powers of attorney lawyer, our founder, Ronda Edgar, has drafted comprehensive powers of attorney and advanced directives to suit a variety of needs.

The possibility of future incapacity is an unpleasant thought. But it is one that everyone should consider. An unexpected injury, sickness or accident – or even simply old age – can suddenly render you unable to handle your own affairs. And with no plan in place, your loved ones are left to agonize over what your wishes might have been and to struggle without the legal authority to take action on your behalf.

A power of attorney serves two purposes. First, it gives a trusted family member or other loved one you choose the authority to act on your behalf. Second, it allows you to establish parameters that are binding upon that person as well as guidelines to help him or her make the decisions that you would have made if you were still able. A power of attorney for financial or health care matters is a simple step anyone can take with the help of a powers of attorney lawyer in San Jose to remove some of the pressure from your family if something should happen to you.

When You Need A Guardianship Attorney In San Jose

When a person becomes incapacitated prior to executing a power of attorney, it can create a difficult situation for his or her family. Once incapacitated, a person is no longer able to delegate authority to another through a power of attorney but is also unable to make decisions for him- or herself.

But even in this difficult situation, there are options. With the help of a guardianship lawyer in San Jose, you can gain the authority to handle your loved one’s affairs by establishing a guardianship or conservatorship through a court proceeding. While this is a situation that should be avoided if possible through a comprehensive estate plan, when there are no other options, a guardianship lawyer in San Jose may be able to help.

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As a guardianship and power of attorney lawyer in San Jose, Ronda Edgar has helped numerous individuals in California plan for the unexpected and has assisted families in better caring for the affairs of their incapacitated loved ones. The professionals of Edgar Law Group, LLP provide comprehensive estate and incapacity planning services to people in any situation. We are conveniently located in downtown San Jose and serve businesses and individuals throughout the Bay Area, including Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, Modesto and the surrounding areas. We offer flexible hours by appointment and free consultations. Call us today at 877-345-3591 or contact us online to discuss your case.

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