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Business Litigation

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Business Litigation Representation | San Jose Law Firm

Business litigation matters may involve external or internal issues. Allegations of breach of contract or failure to perform a purchase or sale as agreed upon may lead to business litigation. Severance of a corporation or partnership can culminate in litigation. A business conflict may be a business-to-business conflict, a business-and-client conflict or an internal conflict such as a termination of a partnership agreement.

Pathways To Resolution

A business law dispute can sometimes be resolved cost-effectively through negotiations or mediation. However, some cases prove to be too complex and lead to litigation. Early, high-caliber legal counsel and representation in a business litigation matter can save time, money and trouble. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a business law claim or lawsuit, you need an attorney on your side who will watch out for your bottom line along with your rights and best interests. Attorney Ronda Edgar at Edgar Law Group, LLP, helps clients pursue the most expedient path to resolution: negotiations, mediation or litigation.

When A Litigation Outcome May Have Tax Consequences

A business litigation matter is often multidimensional. Alleged losses to either side may have tax consequences, among other negative aspects. In such cases, clients of Edgar Law Group, LLP, can benefit from working with a law firm that focuses on tax law. In-house forensic accounting services offered by Edgar Law Group, LLP, can help keep costs of litigation preparation down.

Consult With A San Jose Business Law Attorney For Timely Counsel Regarding Any Dispute Or Litigation Matter

As an experienced business law attorney in San Jose, Ronda Edgar has many skills and tools that can work to clients’ advantage in litigation matters. Clients will be well-prepared to make decisions in their own best interests.

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