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Business Contracts

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Draft, Review, Negotiate Business Contracts With Confidence

Contracts form the basis of the vast majority of business dealings, both internally and externally. Business owners, operators, sales forces and customers often enter into contracts such as:

  • Incorporation and partnership agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Commercial leases
  • Buy-sell contracts with customers and providers of goods and services

A well-crafted contract is the first line of defense against potential litigation. In the early stages of a transaction, both sides are often optimistic and trusting. However, when problems arise, disputes can lead to costly litigation and related losses. A business owner engaged in conflict resolution is distracted from the more important mission of growing and protecting a business’s position in the marketplace. The effort necessary to prepare and negotiate bullet-proof contracts is a sound investment.

Edgar Law Group, LLP, in San Jose, provides full-service legal counsel and representation in contract issues of all kinds. We draft and review contracts. We alert clients to pitfalls in pending contracts they are on the verge of signing. We negotiate revisions to contracts and assist with formalization of agreements.

Before Signing A Business Contract In California, Consult With A San Jose Estate Lawyer With Extensive Tax Law Knowledge

When a business contract will have tax consequences, attorney Ronda Edgar of Edgar Law Group, LLP, can apply her vast knowledge and experience in the area of tax law matters. For example, is it more advantageous, tax-wise, to buy or lease manufacturing equipment or commercial property? In-house accounting and tax consulting professionals at Edgar Law Group, LLP, can help contain costs while simultaneously answering important questions and enhancing the overall value of legal counsel.

Initial consultations about contract negotiations or contract creation at Edgar Law Group, LLP, are offered free of charge. We provide flexible scheduling to meet the needs of busy businessmen and women. Call us today at 877-345-3591 or contact us online to request a meeting with a California contract attorney.

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We are available to discuss your case for free in an initial consultation. During this consultation, we can discuss specifically what our team will do to move your case forward and meet your needs. Call 877-345-3591 or email today to schedule a meeting.

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